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8 Free PPT Charts

Make your values and numbers more appealing to the eye and also very informative with these 8 Free PPT Charts. In this presentation template, you are going to have full access to a variety of charts and diagrams that you can use to present your data in your next presentation very easily.

Free Infographics

12 Free Infographics by Infograpify

In order to help you feel more confident during your next business presentation, we introduce you to 12 Free Infographics by Infograpify. This set of diagrams comes with illustrations that are going to keep your data easy-to-understand for everyone. Go on ahead and take a look at them right now,

Infographic Tool

What Is the Best Infographic Tool?

Using diagrams and charts to represent your statistics and data can help your audience better understand what you are talking about. If you are wondering What Is the Best Infographic Tool? Here, we present to you different sources where you can find what you are looking for.

Timeline Infographics of this Year

Top 40+ Stunning Timeline Infographics of this Year

Timelines are diagrams that were created to chronologically present information such as dates, accomplishments, or even the process your products went through during production. In this collection, you are going to find the Top 40+ Stunning Timeline Infographics of this Year for you to use in your future presentations.

Diagrams for Artists

24 Creative and Stylish Watercolor Diagrams for Artists

If you are an artist or just want to add some creativity to your presentation template, in the 24 Creative and Stylish Watercolor Diagrams for Artists will help you with so. The reason why is that you will find diagrams that are going to help you keep your concepts organized and easy-to-understand.

Organizational Charts for Your Concepts

24 Finest Organizational Charts for Your Concepts

When it comes to remembering many concepts and their subtopics, using charts is the best way to go. In order to help you with the right diagram, we have gathered together the 24 Finest Organizational Charts for Your Concepts.

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Infographics templates are a unique form of content promotion and marketing. When you create an infographic, you can effortlessly simplify your subject of discussion, and furthermore, increase the engagement rate for otherwise difficult to consume content types. The best infographic templates outline their topic of debate with an as concise outline as possible. Professional infographics are typically designed using any of the Adobe Photoshop products. However, modern presentation software is also a viable option.

Take for example intensive data reports, like an annual financial report. Writing raw data with text is complicated, and your readers can quickly become bored. Whereas structuring an infographic around this data helps to create a visually appealing context. If you can create an infographic that’s visually pleasant and contains compressed data, then attracting readers towards it is a painless process.

The important of infographic templates in content marketing is unparalleled. It’s one of the best ways to generate new backlinks to your site based on your ability to convey data in visual form. For example, if you write about topics related to food, you can use infographic templates to create a more meaningful explanation of your tips.

The average infographic will consist of several elements that make up the design. First of all, it’s the visual elements that give context to your infographic. Things like icons, colors, and visual elements. In addition to visuals, you need to add concise content elements that reference your material and provide statistics on your topic. The last element is knowledge, or otherwise known as facts. When it comes to infographic templates, you must ensure that your information is correct and fact based. In the event of your infographic getting picked up by a journalist, you want to provide your best data without any errors.

What are common ways that infographics are used?

The best way to explain why infographics are useful is to look at the ways they are being used already. The following categories depict the numerous contexts in which an infographic is helpful. And in some cases, better than written content.

  • Survey Data — You can use an infographic module to create in-depth reports of your latest surveys. Small numbers and statistics can be overwhelming to read in the text. Therefore, an infographic provides a safe outlet for visualizing this data.
  • Simplifying Ideas — Some topics and ideas are harder than others. Take, for example, cryptocurrency. It’s something that many find difficult to wrap their heads around. But if you use an infographic to include visual examples, it becomes much easier for the brain to process the concept. It’s one of the most frequently used contexts for infographics, to simplify a hard to understand concept.
  • Comparison — Writing blog posts about two different products or topics is typically done in vertical fashion. Users first have to read the first review, and then compare it to the next. This can feel slow and uninspiring. Whereas an infographic can be structured to have two products/topics side by side. Making it twice as easy for readers to understand how those products differentiate from each other.

Now that you know what infographics are used for commonly, we can move on to learning about the best design practices for putting together your infographic.

Using Infographic Templates

There isn’t one set software that performs better than another regarding design. But, our recommendation is to use graphics software that supports editing of vector images. PowerPoint and Keynote are two presentation software suites that allow you to edit vector graphics, so consider using those. Well, at least to practice.

#1: Keep things simple

It’s so easy to get carried away with creating an infographic. Essentially, it’s like you are drawing on an empty canvas, but without a solid idea, you can start painting the wrong things. So, before you start to put together your infographic, ask yourself, “What is it that I would like to explain?”, And “How can I simplify my idea to the bare minimum?”. It’s so helpful to simplify ideas and then structure the necessary design elements.

#2: Cause and effect

A common mistake amongst beginner infographic creators is to use facts out of context. If you plan to include sensitive data in your infographic, understand its cause and effect. For example, don’t label something “bad” or “good” based on one research material. If you are talking about a topic in the United States, then make a clear statement somewhere in your infographic. Due to the nature of the web, it’s easy to misinform people based on your mistake to make something clear.

#3: Combine design, typography, and text

Think of designing an infographic like you would design a website, or in fact, painting. In the case of paintings/websites, everything is complimenting one another. Fortunately, there are tens of thousands of free vector graphics available here. Likewise, you can download thousands of fonts within minutes. If you feel like you lack inspiration, just browse the site and see what the most successful infographics look like. You don’t have to copy-paste them pixel by pixel, but you can inspire yourself to create something that follows the same rules.